Weekly Round-up 5/22— 5/28

…Spent and sent, giveaways on the way & more!

Mint Now: https://oddblox.io

652/4096 have already been minted including giveaway NFTs!

#623 has just been minted!

Keep your eyes peeled this weekend as we will be pulling some more giveaway NFTs out of the oven!

📮 Spent and sent

Invoices are paid and products are in production for our Oddbox. We tweeted earlier this week letting everyone know everything is in production! This was a big relief for us to have this line on our to-do list crossed off. Some items may be arriving as soon as this weekend. As stated before, others will take time and we will continually update everyone via Twitter and our Medium as everything rolls in. It’s beginning to feel like Christmas in Spring!

We are always exploring ways to blend the Oddblox brand between the digital world and the physical. Many other ideas are in the works. We will cover those things in later Weekly Round-Ups!

Until then…

📰 Marketing

• So this isn’t something that is precisely marketing as of now but these will be used for that purpose so we thought it was appropriate to include it here. We will be minting some Oddblox to our giveaway wallet so that we can have some more stocked up for collaborative opportunities in the future.

• We’ve been a little quieter on the giveaway front the past week and that will soon change. We have some planned for the coming week that will make more sense as we campaign.

🕵️‍♂️ Personal

• I (KD) have been chugging along with my class…seems most students have been struggling as much as myself and they have extended the class by two weeks! Between the extension and having the Oddbox stuff situated, I feel an immense weight off of my shoulders. Happy days ahead :)

• I (CB) went full zen mode last weekend and disconnected longer than I ever had before and while nice, felt weird. Seems like many others chose to do the same. More time to focus on broadening our horizons. Always thankful for that.

🔦 Community Spotlight

• With these “Weekly Round-ups” we do a community spotlight!

• What this means is that we will choose someone in the community every week and give them a little something.

• Prizes will vary week to week.

• When deciding on the community member for the week, we will make sure they are an Oddblox holder.

• If you are the first to post a banana emoji on our Telegram or Discord you will win an NFB NFT. Be quick!

• You may be wondering how we will decide on the community member?

• We will be looking at engagement among socials, content creation from members, and who has been a solid member of the community for the week!

• The community member will be announced within these “Weekly Round-Ups”! So, be sure to catch up with us every week and see if you are this week’s spotlight winner!

🚀 Community Spotlight Winner!

Credit: @WenslyMoons

• This week’s Community Spotlight winner is @WenslyMoons!

• If you are a regular in the Oddblox telegram then you know about Wensly, he is easily recognizable as a bunny in a bikini.

• He always comes in and brightens any chat, space, or whatever he is in. He likes to share his artwork which comes in many forms! Notably his Telegram sticker pack and his wonderful singing.

• To thank Wensly for his participation in our deep Telegram conversations and spreading the word of Oddblox on his Twitter, we would like to give him a fresh mint! Thank you, Oddsly.

• We will DM you for your wallet address 😀

Thank you so much for the support and love you have shown! We are excited about the future! Stay odd!


About Oddblox

Oddblox is a purely on-chain generative art series comprised of 4096 experimental pieces. Each piece abstracts negative space in a unique way leaving the viewer open to interpret the forms created. Using a variety of shapes and color palettes each piece is assembled on mint. The created image is then encoded and stored in the token. When you own the token you truly own the art.

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